Results – Brighton, CO | Saturday July 6th, 2013 | Novice Youth, Juniors, Novice Horse


See results from this past weekend in Brighton, CO.

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Results – Brighton, CO | Saturday July 6th, 2013 | Novice Rider, 50+, Youth, Greenhorn


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Results – Brighton, CO | Saturday July 6th, 2013 | Open 1D, 2D, 3D


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Results – Brighton, CO | Saturday July 6th, 2013 | Open 3D cont’d, 4D


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Results – Brighton, CO | Friday July 5th, 2013 | Novice Youth, Juniors & Novice Horse


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Results – Brighton, CO | Friday July 5th, 2013 | Novice Rider, 50+, Youth, Greenhorn


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Results – Brighton, CO | Friday July 5th, 2013 | Open 1D, 2D, 3D


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Results – Brighton, CO | Friday July 5th, 2013 | Open 3D Cont’d, 4D


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Headed to OKC

So many Mile Hi Members headed down to OKC this week for the BBR Finals! How exciting for them.

Stacey Smallwood on her way to OKC

Stacey Smallwood is one of them. The highlight of her short career so far has been the Mile Hi D.R. Horton Classic and BBR Western Region Barrel Race Finals that took place in 2012 in Loveland, Colo.

“When I went into this race I wasn’t expecting much,” Stacey said. “Especially since I hadn’t run my horse Ace in a few months. I wasn’t running my go to horse Reggie and it was the first time ever running my new horse VVR Cowley Cartel (aka Racer). There was a lot of mixed emotions going on for me.”

Ace gave her her shining moment at the finals like the trusty horse he is. After signing up as a BBR member, literally at the Finals, Stacey went on to win the 3D BBR Western Region Side Pot Race, which earned her a beautiful BBR Tour Finale Champion buckle and she won the 3D DR Horton Open Race. “I couldn’t be more proud,” Stacey said. “Ace helped me win all that and some nice checks totaling $1,231 and some really great prizes too.”

Stacey is headed down to Oklahoma City for her first ever BBR Finals and she couldn’t be more excited! “My long term goal is to move forward in my barrel racing career, fulfill my hopes and dreams for the RHIM foundation and move on to bigger accomplishments!” Stacey said.

The BBR Race Webcast can be viewed here:

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Homegrown Cowgirl and Mile Hi Sponsor

Days like today with the wind blowing and the visibility at zero, tend to make barrel racers think of days gone by and days to come. I’m sure that Marlene Wade and her husband, Bill Jenks, are cuddled up together between horse feeding time.

If there is one thing Marlene and Bill are both comfortable talking about, it’s how lucky they are to have found each other and how happy they are. For anyone who might not know, Marlene was actually the one to get Bill into barrel racing and Mile Hi is where Bill got his “real” start at competition.

marlene and bill

Marlene Wade is a barrel racing, rodeo riding, AQHA competing, Colorado native who is modest to a fault, and a genuinely nice person who treats her friends, fellow racers and horses with a soft hand and a kind word.

Marlene came up through the ranks via her parents who owned a horse riding stable in Bailey, Colo. As a child she helped them and rode in local competitions, Little Britches Youth Rodeo and moved on to high school rodeo, eventually earning a rodeo scholarship to Lamar Community College where she barrel raced and did goat tying and majored in liberal arts.

A very special win to Marlene was through a horse that she bought as a colt from her sister, Marilyn and her husband, Roy Cleveland, who raise Quarter Horses outside of Ogallala, Neb. Marlene traveled to assist her sister with the horse sale and ended up hauling one home (


Not only did Marlene haul the weanling home, she raised and trained him and went to the American Quarter Horse Select World Show with him in 2011. His official name being “Quite a Sun Frost.”

Competing at the AQHA Show was a highlight for Marlene’s horse career and she ended up in the top ten!

“He was kind of small at first,” Bill said. “But he grew up and she’s real proud of what she did with him. She made him a real nice barrel horse. He has a good home now in Wyoming, but that horse was really special to her.”

Marlene 2011 Selectcopy

One of the great things about Marlene is that she is always willing to help others, especially people new to the sport.Every evening after working a full day as the “Vice President to Special Operations” at Solera Bank in Lakewood, Marlene goes home and rides. Some weather days she lets slide, like I’m sure today (April 9), but her dedication to her horses is clear in her work ethic. Her daughter will come over and ride with her and on Friday nights Bill and Marlene have been known to have friends over for a “riding time” and a late night meal at the local diner afterward.

Teri Filloon and Jennifer King are two examples. As greenhorns, they are just getting started in the best sport known to horse lovers and if they need a horse (Jennifer) to buy or just mentorship (Teri), Marlene and Bill are there to help and assist.

Current Horses: Seven head and within that seven is a broodmare and then we (Marlene and Bill) have each have our own pen of horses that we ride. Right now I’m riding two and bill has three. One gelding will be nine this year he is a Bully Bullion and he’s actually a registered Paint out of a Paint mare and the other is a five-year-old and we raised him and he’s grandson of Dash Over and out of a Streakin Six mare.

How many have you trained through the years? Too many to count. I’ve always had horses. Just barrels? Maybe 10 – parents had a riding stable for about 40 years – and it was up in Bailey area and that’s really how I grew up .

Favorite Horse? I’ve had two: my first barrel horse that I felt was competitive as a barrel horse was Pepsi, a Tiny Watch gelding. He died pretty young, we had to have him put down he had tore his suspensory tendon on the front. And the horse that I’m riding now is just an awesome horse. I have been really fortunate to have some pretty nice horses.

Best part of Mile Hi: We were two of the first members when Carol started it. The best part are the friendships that you make. It’s a great organization and there are a lot of great people from all different walks of life and the friendships that you make is one of the best thing about it. This year’s finals was one of the best finals I’ve ever been too, really organized, lots going on. Really had a great time.

Sponsorship: I work with Solera National Bank and we are a sponsor – Carol banks with us and it was a way to give back to the association. I suggested it and they jumped on it. We really like to partner with people that bank with us and try to give back to he community and we can do that with local non-profits and different organizations that bank with us.

Saddle: I’ve ridden in a lot of different saddles and right now I have two Ammerman saddles and they fit myself and the horses well. I have no desire to look for another

Family: Husband, Bill, and daughter, Shaye.

Traveling dogs: We have three dogs but we don’t take them with us unless we’re going to be gone a short time, dad lives there on the ranch and helps us out.

Music: I guess I don’t really have a preference, not hard rock, but country or rock and roll.

Career: I fell into banking at 21, and it’s just been a profession that has always been interesting and the technology keeps it ever changing and I’ve enjoyed it.  I’m on the operations side so it’s interesting and challenging.

Pre-race ritual: I guess what I try to do is I always boot my horse the same way. I always work from the left front around, left front left back, right front right back and if I don’t do it that way it doesn’t feel right

Superstitions: If I wear a shirt twice and don’t have good runs, I won’t compete in it again

Interesting factoid: Bill and I have been married 14 years and that we met at a time in our lives that was really special and I really feel that he’s my soul mate and he’s a great friend and we enjoy the horses so much together. It’s really nice to have someone you love that enjoys the same things together and we both really respect each other and how we go about doing things. We both ride very different, but yet we are there to help and support each other.


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